Company Introduction


Location: 1-5 Sekiyukenpo Bld.B1, Sambancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0075, Japan
Contact: [TEL]
Corporate Consultations / Publications and editions: 03-3230-2601
Ski /Tennis Instructions: 03-3230-2602
Establishment: 1959
Capital: 10 million Japanese Yen
CEO: Rio Matsuo
Corporate strategy advisors: Hisao Ueno(former CEO of the Nihon Pepsi-Cola Ltd.) Toshiya Harada(former department director of WOWOW Inc.), Shigeo Endo (former CEO of Yama-kei Publishers Co.,Ltd.), Ryoji Kato (former editorial director of Sendenkaigi Co.,Ltd.)
Communica-on Skill Advisor: Yumiko Niida (Professor of Kawaguchi College)
Opera-onal skill advisor:Kazutaka Mashima (Sports Cameraman)
Descrip-on: Corporate instruc-ons, publica-ons, adver-sements and promo-ons, ski/tennis training schools (5 ski training and 2 tennis training schools)


1959 Started the Austrian Ski School with full support of the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and the Asahi Shimbun Company. The school later started operating tennis schools.
1978 The NAISG Ltd. was established.
1985 Published “Conventional Buildup of Ordinary Ski” by Takashi Matsuo. NAISG later started a publication business.
1988 Started serializing in the ski magazine, “Bravo Ski.”
1989 The ski training video, “Introduction to the Power Ski Complete Series (4)” was produced by NAISG.
1991 Produced the TV program, “WOWOW Ski Lesson
2000 The quarterly magazine, “Photocon Life” was published.
2001 Edited and compiled a photo magazine published by the Yomiuri Shimbun.
After this point, NAISG kept publishing magazines for the Yomiuri Landscape Photography Contest.
2002 “A way to write a project proposal” was published. It was one of the best selling books of this category.
By this publication, NAISG entered the business book market.
2003 Established the department of Corporate Promotions and Consultations for providing consultation services using various types of media (prints, videos, web).
2004 A business book, “Business Vocabularies” was published.
It sparked a new trend of books titled,“○○○○ vocabularies.”
2005 April “Losing weight by the Power Yoga Exercise” was published.
It was the best selling book of this category in Amazon Japan.

September A sport instructional book,“ To run fast and do upward circling” was published. It was one of the best selling books in this category.

November A free magazine, “Saraten” was published with the cooperation of NIPPAN, Kyodo Publishing and several other partners.
90% of 70,000 prints were distributed within a week around the Shinbashi station.
2006 “Ways of doing your work” was published. Instructions by the department of Corporate Promotions and Consultations were published.
2007 NAISG became the administrator of the「“Pen Spinning Association Japan (PSAJ).”
NAISG published a textbook for pen spinning (“Spirit of Pen Spinning”) with cooperation of the PSAJ. It opened our relationship with Korean pen spinning lovers.