about NAISG

Would you like to transform…Complications into simplicity simplicity into deepness deepness into fun?

1.We publish everything, even for topics that are hard to tell using your own words.

NAISG has over 50 years of experience in teaching skiing. It is often hard to teach skiing because it requires a full use of body movements. NAISG has been accumulating the experience of teaching various types of sports, and we use those experiences in publications. We always look at books from readers’ point of view. Books edited and published by NAISG are easy to read, understand and practice.

2.We cooperatewith specialized firms from many industrial categories.

The department of corporate consultations allows NAISG to cooperate with major industrial enterprises. For example, NAISG can get a sponsorship from a sports wear company when it publishes a sports instruction book. It allows NAISG to have more specialized contents, while gaining advertisement revenue. NAISG can do everything from making publication plans to collecting revenues necessary for publications.

3.We prodece not only books, but also videos, TV programs and commercials.

Words have the ability to express meanings, and video contents have the ability to demonstrate movements. NAISG produces various types of media in order to meet every business need.

4.We provide proposals and solutions for every business need.

Our first mission is to provide solutions to fit your needs. Our second mission is to solve challenges and problems you face. For the research purpose, we gather useful market information including chats, whispers, rumors, gossips. We also operate workshops and exchange sessions to be up-to-date for any economic and social trends.

5.We efficiently allocate cost to maximize cost performance.

NAISG has plenty of experiences in allocating resources efficiently and effectively when executing different types of proposals. Our professional experience will enable you to enjoy our best performance results. We can send you the estimated cost for any type of proposal. Or vice versa, we can tell you what we can produce within the available budget.

※ All pictures used in this website were taken by Mr. Toshiaki Kawano.

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